How do we work with clients?

Although each situation is different, and we tailor our approach to each client, this is our general approach.

Step 1: Initial meeting
In this initial meeting, we will ask you a lot of questions about your situation. We will take notes and we will listen. Then, we will give you an initial legal opinion, and an overall, high-level roadmap for resolution of your case.

Step 2: Develop Game plan
Based on the specifics of your case, we will do whatever legal research is necessary. This may include a review of relevant case law, further review of relevant documents, etc. Once we have all the facts, we will work jointly with you to develop a plan. We will clearly explain the agreed-upon path to resolution in plain English.

Step 3: Implement plan
At this point, we implement the plan to begin to bring closure to your legal matter. There are several courses of action, depending on the nature of your case and your preference in approach. We will usually attempt to negotiate a resolution if appropriate. If unsuccessful we may take court action, mediate or arbitrate. Court action includes filing documents, presenting your position and arguing before a judge who will decide the matter. Mediation involves meeting with a professional specially trained to assist those with divergent opinions in reaching compromise and agreement. Alternatively, we may jointly agree that arbitration is the best way to proceed. Arbitration differs from mediation in that it includes advocacy and ultimate decision making by a neutral arbitrator and involves many of the same elements as court proceedings except it is less formal.

Step 4: Review for Client Satisfaction
We will ask you for specific feedback to determine your level of satisfaction with our services. 



How will I be billed?

Ruben Huggins is dedicated to bringing you exceptional legal services at as reasonable a cost to you as possible. Up front, we will give you our best estimate of how much our services will cost, and will keep you informed if there are any changes to the budget estimates. Every legal matter is different, and there are often unanticipated aspects that contribute to your overall costs. Our goal is to communicate as well as we can so that there are no surprises.

You will be billed for time spent on your legal matter. Generally, there are guidelines for certain procedures. You will not be “punished” if we work slowly or rapidly. You will not be billed for costs of every call and every copy. These expenses are handled by billing you 6.0% of your monthly fees.

When you receive a bill from Ruben Huggins, you will not need a magnifying glass to understand what you have been billed for. Everything is clearly spelled out. You will know exactly what services you are paying for.




What is a Certified Family Law Specialist and why should I choose one with that designation?

Certified Family Law Specialists have recognized experience in the areas of California Family Law including divorce, child custody and visitation, property division, domestic partnership agreements, domestic partnership dissolution, child and spousal support, tax consequences, settlement negotiations and trial litigation. Certified Specialists have also passed a rigorous written examination, demonstrated a high level of experience in family law, fulfilled ongoing education requirements and have been favorably evaluated by peers and judges who are familiar with their work. In other words, specialists are experts in the field of family law. They are required to stay up-to-date with ever-changing family case law. Specialists are best equipped to handle complex family matters because they have the highest level of knowledge and expertise.


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