Divorce Preparation Checklist

If you are considering divorce or have been served with divorce papers recently, you need to know which steps to take in order to protect your rights. After all, when confronted with a divorce, people are often at the most vulnerable point in their life both emotionally and financially. The purpose of this article is to provide you with some guidelines and information that might be useful to begin protecting your interests. This checklist discusses measures you can take during the initial phases of a divorce and in preparation for a divorce.

Non-Legal Resources to Get You through Your Divorce

There are a number of resources that can be helpful to you before, during and after your divorce. These resources include a therapist, accountant and support groups. The following article provides guidelines for choosing such professionals.

How to Choose a Therapist

Separate Verses Community Estate Debt

Case Commentary

CRME Financial Services v. Pamela Parton

Marriage of Herr

In re Marriage of Herr is a must-read worth careful analysis. Here, a compendium of errors were made, by both trial counsel and the trial judge, who granted a motion for reconsideration to reduce child support when no new facts or evidence was presented, much less in a timely manner.

Can I Date During My Divorce?

"What is the rule of thumb on dating during the divorce process? Do women expect a divorce to be final in order to take a man seriously? Is it unfair or wrong to show an interest in other women while you are waiting for the final decree?" --O.U. 

The Four Divorce Alternatives

No two marriages are the same, and so it only follows that no two divorces will be the same, either.

How Social Media Can Affect Your Divorce

Every so often a topic arises which isn�t, strictly speaking, in the financial realm I usually discuss, but nevertheless has important implications for women going through financially complex divorces. Social media is one of those topics.

6 Little-Known Benefits Of Being Divorced

We're not going to cut corners here: Finalizing your divorce sucks, plain and simple. You struggled to make it work with your (now ex) spouse for years. You uncovered the half-truths and the deceptions, and at times even made excuses for them; you doggedly tried to brush off concerned questions from your family and friends. And while you didn't want to do it, you knew it had to be done. You filed for divorce.

One aspect of marital property that some spouses overlook is retirement plans.

California has long been known as a community property state but when couples in San Francisco decide to call it quits, the division of marital property can be quite complex. The divorce process can extend for months and even years in some cases, when there is considerable property to be divided.


Retirement plans



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