Recent Case Success Stories

Non Biological Parent Guardianships

Though this situation is not all too common, it is important to know that there are legal avenues which are available to non-biological parents to obtain guardianship of a minor.

Ruben Huggins has been involved in several guardian cases and recently we successfully litigated a guardianship case where a non-parent was seeking to obtain guardianship of a teenage minor. We assessed the situation along with the potential guardian and determined that legal options were available for the non-biological parent to become the legal guardian of the minor. When the client and the minor first walked into our office you could tell that there was a loving relationship and after further speaking with the minor and after obtaining family information it became clear that the minor truly wished to be with the non-biological parent. By using the probate guardianship laws relating to minors we were able to petition the court and ask that the non-biological parent be given guardianship of the minor. The court ruled favorably on the petition for the non-biological parent granting full guardianship of the minor. We pride ourselves on the small details, sifting through all of the information provided and outlining a strategy for your specific case. Especially with minors, the stakes are so high because you are dealing with the raw emotions of an individual who may not be able to grasp the legal system. We have proven probate litigation case results and our aim is to ensure the minor's guardian situation is the best for their future stability, health, growth and well-being.

Caretaker Tries to Grab Trustee's Estate

Client problem: I am the administrator of a Trust for a living man who has lost the ability to care for himself. He has a live in assistant who now feels entitled to the Trustee's estate? What should I do as administrator of the trust to ensure that all of the former wishes of the trustee are up-help and honored?

Every so often a case comes along where there are circumstances which have possibly gotten out of control. In a recent trust Administration case Ruben Huggins had the privilege of assisting the trust administrator with carrying out the wishes of the trustee. In this circumstance there was a live-in assistant for the trustee who asserted entitlement to a portion of the estate because she had been living with the Trustee and taking care of him. She was assigned to take care of the trustee by the trust administrator. The administrator was worried that the fabric of the trust and the beneficiaries was at risk because live-in care taker had formidable mental control over the trustee who was deemed to be mentally unstable. None the less there was a worry that the live-in care taker would seek to have a document written up and signed by the trustee which might contest the current trust, causing substantial legal grievance. We were able to successfully negotiate a sit down conference with the trust administrator and the live-in assistant and an agreement was reached for the betterment of both parties involved. Moreover, the wishes of the trustee were held entact without the need for further court intervention. Although court intervention is sometimes necessary, constructive conversations with contesting parties often prove to be a cost effective way to remedy potentially litigated probate issues.                     


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